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Encouraging Life Children’s Mission

The Encouraging Life Children’s Mission wants to teach children that life is precious. It seeks to show that the ways to truly encourage life include knowing the reality of creation, having a close relationship with the Creator, being responsible in the covenant relationship, having a righteousness that comes only through accepting the Messiah as Savior, and resisting the evil that exists in the world.

Creation Science League

The Creation Science League is a gathering of creationist speakers and organizations who have chosen to share at least some of their written or video materials freely. It is a group that has decided to actively participate in the fight of good and evil by promoting an understanding of creation and by taking a stand against the fallacy of evolution. Supporters of Creationism, both professional and non-professional, are encouraged to enroll and add to the messages we share. The Creation Science League is not a formal business or organization and participation is completely voluntary.

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