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Scripture Advocate Publishing is an all volunteer effort with the goal of encouraging believers in building a relationship with the Eternal, understanding the reality of Creation, learning the responsibilities of a Believer, understanding the righteousness of the Messiah, and how to resist evil. This is accomplished by bringing Bibles and related resources (pamphlets, posters, textbooks, etc) to believers as cheaply as possible. The following positions are areas where assistance would be useful and beneficial.

Current Projects

Baraminology and Created Kinds
Creation Science League
Encouraging Life Children’s Mission
Bibles for the Persecuted


Translators and Proofreaders for non-English languages can spread the Good News far and wide.

Graphic Designers

Assist with producing visual graphics, illustrations, and charts for all materials and websites.

Copy Editor

Assure that soon-to-be published works are free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Fund Raisers

Raising funds to cover the cost of supplies and distribution.

If interested in helping, please contact office@scripturepublishing.net . Thank you!

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